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Why is co-working space becoming so popular?
Flexibility, productivity, wellbeing, community, experience, location. These are just some of the words to describe benefits of co-working spaces.    Let’s start with location, the main motivation for co-working spaces. Freelance designers, remote workers, team meetings – a vast majority of people use co-working spaces to be closer to the community they are working for but also removing the need for such crazy commutes. Better suited locations for workers will help to increase productivity and productivity, these locations can be outside of the city centre, inside the city centre, give access to cafes, restaurant, shops and public transport. All of these factors contribute to the...
Workplace Trends - 2019 Part 1
In 2018 we saw the rise of collaborative spaces, Biophilia and breakout areas. But what does the future hold for offices in 2019, will these trends continue? Will they be developed? Will they be scrapped altogether? Let’s have a look!   Research shows that the new era of workplace design will continue drawing on the natural world by developing the idea of Biophilia and encouraging the use of the natural world. This can be seen with the encouraging use of environmental certifications for buildings. This brings us into trend number 1:   Bring Nature Indoors Inspiration is pulled from Biophillic design, nature and the natural world with a focus...
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas from all at The Primary Group
How can we benefit from innovative office design - Flexible Layouts
2018 has seen a positive increase of flexible layouts in the workplace this is due to the rise of remote workers and growth rate start-ups which makes flexible design crucial. There is a need to create multiple and interchangeable work environments, altering and reconfiguring as and when needed. Continually, technology is increasing the mobility and flexibility in the way we work. This means there is a need to offer employees multiple rooms to suit an individual’s working needs as well as their job position. Not only does a suitable working environment increase well-being and productivity is also extremely cost effective. There is no need to employ the use of a designer to...
How can we benefit from innovative office design - Lighting
How we can benefit from innovative office design?   Companies don’t always need to relocate, sometimes finding a better way to use their current space can help to create the benefits that are being looked for. We are going to look at how effectively using natural light, collaborative spaces, Biophilia and private meeting rooms can not only show an innovative office design but can also help to increase wellbeing and productivity amongst employees.   A study by Cornell University’s Professor Alan Hedge found that access to natural light increases alertness. The report found that employees with optimized daylight exposure experienced a 2%increase...
Meet the Boss
Duncan Jobson is the brains behind The Primary Group. He is the managing director, the boss, he is Big Dunc. Many of you will know him as a kind and caring man but to start The Primary Group he had to be so much more than this. He’s sheer determination and knowledge, and backing from his wife, helped to make The Primary Group the successful company it is today.   What were you doing before you started The Primary Group? I was working for a company called Casa Contracts, there I was the Warehouse and Logistics Manager. I booked jobs in and out, dealt with the girls in the office, dealt with clients, bring deliveries into the warehouse, make sure the...
100% Design Exhibition
What is it? On the 21st to the 24th of September designers and manufacturers come together to showcase their products at Olympia London. For industry professionals, 100% Design is the place to be! It is the largest and longest running design trade event in the UK and I thought I would check it out.    I visited 5 different areas: Emerging brands; Kitchens and bathrooms; Design & build; Workplace; and Interiors. But, as you can imagine, I focused a bit more on the Workplace area. From seating to desking to electronics to acoustics to storage to lighting and finally to flooring, there was something to satisfy a workspace’s needs.   ...