How can we benefit from innovative office design - Lighting

How we can benefit from innovative office design?


Companies don’t always need to relocate, sometimes finding a better way to use their current space can help to create the benefits that are being looked for. We are going to look at how effectively using natural light, collaborative spaces, Biophilia and private meeting rooms can not only show an innovative office design but can also help to increase wellbeing and productivity amongst employees.


A study by Cornell University’s Professor Alan Hedge found that access to natural light increases alertness. The report found that employees with optimized daylight exposure experienced a 2%increase in productivity. Another study found that exposing employees to natural light can make them feel rested and have a higher quality of life which in turn helps them to focus more on their work. Not only can natural light help to produce productivity it can also reduce costs as well as give the illusion of a larger space.


So how do we make the most of the natural light?

1)    Create an open space – one of the easiest ways to make the most of natural light to create an open work environment. Instead of interior walls, try glass panels or acoustic wall panels that can also create divides. But leaving out interior walls, natural light has the ability to travel.

2)    Keep furniture minimal – In order to let natural light filter through it is best to keep bulky furniture to a minimum. Big furniture can inhibit light coming through the windows. To ensure this doesn’t happen it is clever to put the bulky furniture up against the walls which keeps the middle of the office open.

3)    Window Size – If you have the ability to, make outside windows large, remove curtains and blinds as even when these are open it can still hinder natural light coming through. One way to keep natural light flowing but also keep a sense of privacy is to invest in glass manifestation, frosted windows allow the natural light to enter the office whilst ensuring that any sensitive work is out of sight.



But can innovative office design increase wellbeing as well as productivity?


Beautiful places inspire people. Interesting places inspire people. So if a work place is beautiful and interesting would this then not inspire employees? And if an employee is inspired are they then not more productive? Does this then increase an employees wellbeing? The answer to all of these questions is yes, an inspiring workplace will inspire its employees. Dingy lighting, isolating cubicles and colourless offices are the perfect way to create an uninspiring workspace, it creates an environment that employees are not excited to walk into which means their productivity will suffer and with a lack of light and motivation so will their wellbeing. In order to inspire employers, need to create an ambience in the office that changes the overall mood, people will look forward to going to work.


Today we have looked at lighting, tune into our next post on innovative design to see how flexible layouts can be beneficial.