Meet the Boss

Duncan Jobson is the brains behind The Primary Group. He is the managing director, the boss, he is Big Dunc. Many of you will know him as a kind and caring man but to start The Primary Group he had to be so much more than this. He’s sheer determination and knowledge, and backing from his wife, helped to make The Primary Group the successful company it is today.


What were you doing before you started The Primary Group?

I was working for a company called Casa Contracts, there I was the Warehouse and Logistics Manager. I booked jobs in and out, dealt with the girls in the office, dealt with clients, bring deliveries into the warehouse, make sure the warehouse, make sure the warehouse was tidy, stock takes, deal with drivers, and finally book the jobs and book the labour.


What made you want to start your own business?

We were on the verge of losing our house, I knew if I went self-employed it would be easier to cover the money. I spoke with my manager at the time and we agreed it would be better for me to become self-employed, so that’s what I done. I spoke to a few guys and they started to work for me, from there the rest is history.


Who has worked for you the longest?

Mutley – Mark Mullis


What do you think makes a successful team?

I believe a successful team is one that treats each other with respect to treat one person the way you expect to be treated. It is also essential to have a good rapport with the clients. When I interview a new person I look for a good attitude, ensure they are hard working. I have a look at what they have done before to see if they have any experience. If they have no experience, I don’t turn people away that have no experience but I make sure they understand that the hours are long, the work is hard and the stair work is harder. I tried to gauge what their reaction is, what their body language is like and how they respond to me. These, to me, are the important things to look for when interviewing someone new join the team. Oh, and dressed nice and smart is always a bonus!


If someone asked for your best tip on running your own company, what would you tell them?

Hard work and respect


What is the toughest thing about running your own business?

I believe the hardest thing about running your own company is making the tough decisions. The ones that no one else wants to make. If someone on the team isn’t working hard enough or pulling their weight it falls to me to give them a warning and then, if nothing improves, fire them. I find this the toughest part of my job.


Who has inspired you in this life and why?

Eric Cantona for sure! Why? Well he’s just my favourite football player ever. Also, Richard Branson, his work ethic and the way he built his company up from the ground is an inspiration to me and many people out there.


Finally, would you rather be liked or respected?

To me, they’re both one in the same. I don’t respect anyone I don’t like because there must be a reason I don’t like them. If I don’t like them then I don’t respect them