Office Furniture Relocation

Each relocation is different, but they all begin the same - with careful planning. A new facility can invigorate your organisation, improve morale and increase productivity. A poorly planned relocation is disastrous to work flow.

Office RemovalsOur site services team was created with the specific goal of getting businesses back up and running in record time. From orchestrating the move plan, to custom employee communications, to move day logistics, we take care of all the details so you can focus on running your business.

The Primary project team orchestrates your relocation through a proven set of processes, which is tailored to meet your requirements.

The Process

Relocation Plan

Planning is the most critical component of successful a relocation. Our team identifies key employees, and includes them in the planning stage.

Together, we create a detailed plan, outlining roles and responsibilities. The move plan is a living document, which is constantly updated and communicated as conditions change.

Office RelocationsFragile items, and critical work items, are identified at this stage such as computers, printers, phones, and office equipment. Getting these items unpacked and back on-line is critical to minimizing downtime. At this stage potential employee issues are dentified.

Employee Communications

Several days prior to the move, employees receive customized packets. Each packet contains information about the move, new location plans, box labels, and instructions on how to pack, and what to pack. Should questions or problems arise, we include extensive "who to call" lists and make ourselves available via phone or email. Throughout the move, we're on-site, roaming the facility to answer questions and soothe rattled nerves.

The Move

Moves can be phased, done after hours, overnight or on weekends. Our team is prepared to coordinate the entire event. We ensure building administrators are notified, all contents are "move-ready", and that Information Technology teams are standing by for "take-down" and "re-install".

Personal ItemsThe first day employees occupy their new home, a team of installers and technicians works on site to take care of any desired on-the-spot adjustments, and troubleshoot any minor issues that arise.

With careful planning, the right team and the right processes, Primary ensures your move is a success for everyone. You and your employees can enjoy your new facility and move your company forward more efficiently than ever.

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